Jungle Tours Maui is a "one man" company that specializes in "customized private tours". By private we mean that the jungle tour includes only people from your group and that's it!

   Alec, the owner/guide, has lived on Maui for 20 years and knows dozens of trails accommodating all abilities or desires.

   Some trails are more secret and secluded while others are popular. Some trails are challenging while others are basically a walk in the park. All the trails are very beautiful and fun.

All Jungle Tours Will Have:

Bamboo Forests
Awesome Historical Sites
Opportunities For Cliff-Jumping Into Jungle Pools

And take home...
Beautiful/Fun Photo Shots.

   Note: Alec will be taking the pictures. That means no one will be missing from the photos, and you won't miss any of the fun memories.

   All Jungle Tours Include Lunch...and lunch is whatever the mood of the group desires, whether it's a deli lunch by a waterfall or a fresh fish sandwich from one of the best road-side deli's that have sprung up on Hana Highway.

   Please Dress Comfortably. Make sure you are wearing your bathing suits. Alec will meet you in the Hotel/Resort lobby at 7:00am sharp. He'll be wearing a jungle-type hat so he'll be easy to spot. Make sure to wear sneakers or sandals that wrap around the heel. We're gonna have a fantastic day.

Our Prices:
All Day 7:00 am - 3:00 pm $249.00 per person

Most locations are within a one hour drive,
not the 3-4 hour drive to Hana that you have probably heard of.
Even though Hana is really beautiful...This is essentially the same jungle side of the island. You don't have to drive all of the way to Hana just to see a waterfall or explore a bamboo forest.
Spend your day exploring instead of driving.

Alec Hawley

 Book Your Own Tour,
Safe and Secure.

Alec will then contact you for your tour confirmation



Remember...Your own group at your own pace



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